Cornelia Lichtner

More music

Yes, I´m planning to record a third album! Some ideas are already in my head, and some songs have already made their way. If you´d like to stay up-to-date about any news, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter.

Want to support my music?

Recording music in a professional studio and with great musicians is costly. Yet, it is my passion and my calling to bring these songs to life, and to you!

This far, I´ve invested around 20k € in these recordings. Apart from much passion and time, more funds are also necessary to host a website, create videos or other content to let the world and you know about it.

Therefore, any support you might feel inclined to offer is greatly appreciated!

You could buy my music or just make a donation. Contact me for more information:

No streaming, no touring

You might be wondring why you can´t find my music on popular streaming platforms. Well, I believe that artists are not getting their fair share of profits there, that´s why. Did you know that 10k streams amount to around 14€ revenue? That’s not enough to live from, not enough to die. Not even enough to buy new strings.

Now, I don´t not do concerts for any similarly strong reasons. Rather, I only very seldom do concerts, because I have a very different full-time job, and a family to look after. Also, my musicians live all around Germany and even the world, so bringing everyone together would be quite an act. But if you want be among the first to hear when and if I give a concert, subscribe here to get all the news and dates!