Cornelia Lichtner


corSome fun facts about me

I´ve always been a singer, and started writing songs aged 12. To make a CD with my own songs has been a long dream! Since 2015, even two albums with my music came into existence! It all got going when I decided to team up my musical calling with my inner entrepreneuse, which nudged me to become my first investor and record my first album fully self-funded.
(This far, I´m my only “investor” – if you´d like to change that, check out this).

Somehow, songs keep appearing in my head and on my tongue and fingertips – often surprising me myself! I have no idea where this crazy road is taking me, but I will let my inner voice guide me. Being true to myself, to learn and to involve, to heal and to love are major values, motifs and inspirations of mine.

When I was a child, I learned to play the flute self-tought, then had violin lessons, and played flute – until I first heard my favourite band of all times, the Beatles. I soon swopped my violin for an electric guitar after that. Unfortunately, I never become a great guitar-player. My guitar-teacher when I was a teen was a Jazzer at heart and I was … well, into rock and pop. But I DID learn some cool chords!

In my twens, I discovered the beauty of silence more and more, and started exploring Yoga and mindfulness. Through this mix, I was drawn to attend a somewhat “weird” seminar-retreat involving yoga and kirtan music – which is where I met Spring, who become my musical mentor.

Yes, and there is a “normal working life” I have as well, in which I´m a press officer.


On both my albums, “The space between” and “Deeper”, I was blessed to have the following incredible musicians at my side. It is a great honor AND great fun to work with them!


Spring2012Headshot-233x300Spring Groove
producer in chief, backing vocals, guitar and keyboards  

Spring is an incredible singer-songwriter, whose music I´ve loved for many years. She`s the reason why this project came into realization so wonderfully. I still cannot believe she offered to produce it. ^^

Check out her site at!


Foto 1Erhard Dengl
hackbrett, tabla, percussion

Erhard was the groove master on this CD, and he played the magical hackbrett as well … I just knew it would sound fantastic, but it is even better.

Listen to his wonderful new CD – “Moon Circles” – which is full of haunted hackbrett tunes and hypnotic grooves.


Foto 3Jan Krause
Recording, mixing and mastering

Jan made us all sound great, from the first take … and me as awestruck amateur in particular. All the things you hear sound so beautiful are his merit. And also, that it`s only those that made it on the CD. 😉

Visit the website of his Munich-based recording studio, Mastermix.


Hans_Christian.1cHans Christian
cello, sarangi

Hans graced my record with cello and sarangi soli that are simply from that mystic space. Find more of his magical music at

*** Mages
bansuri flute

David is multi-instrumentalist who plays a ton of instruments. His flute solo on “May love guide” transformed it into a song of hope. I wish my album had had more tracks for him to play on. Luckily, he recently published his own wonderful CD – “Laeela” – together with his partner, Katrin. Listen at


16Darius Saleki
electric guitar

Darius brought in the happy woodstocky rock twangs in “Play on”. And convinced me that Spring had been right all along with her “fairy in the woods” vision about my record. And this fairy was a rock chick. 🙂

Find more about Darius`music on his Facebook page.