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… my second and newest album (released 2023)

This album was born in a very difficult and painful phase in my life: My true Love and I had separated, because we could not work things out. At times, it felt like I lost myself, not him – and it was not easy coming to terms with what seemed to make no sense in life. I was looking for answers, trying to understand what had happened and how on earth how to move forward, live with that wound of unfulfilled love – a love that still felt so alive.

As so often, answers came in the form of songs. Each song carried an important message … on Life, Love, Healing, Growth, taking me deeper and deeper. They are songs from the heart and for the heart, which I am happy and blessed to be able to share. May they speak to that inner voice of yours as well, inspiring, encouraging and guiding you through muddy waters on to still and clear depths!

All songs on the album “Deeper” were written by Cornelia Lichtner – except for “Everything”: this song was co-written by Orestis Terzidis.

The Space between

… my first album – released in 2015

This music was also inspired by this Love, which was under a difficult star from the getgo. I was torn between deepest connectedness, elation and hope on one side – and fear and desperation that we might not be able to work things out on the other. Luckily, my inspiration to record these songs was so strong that I did before we crashed and burned. In fact, the insights I got through these songs that came to me (“music writes you – you don´t write it”), were so powerful that they carried me through and over the abyss of pain that the end of a great Love brings.

All songs on “The Space between” written by Cornelia Lichtner.

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